Our Ethos

Raising awareness and empowering through objective, informative and engaging content!

We at CryptoMurmur have one core aim – to provide objective, informative and engaging content of the highest quality so that people themselves can determine their own futures within the crypto space. Therefore we will never shill or give investment advice, and only work on behalf of projects which we deem to be legitimate, transparent and have real world application.

For this reason, CryptoMumur aims to be THE blockchain outlet which people can trust will provide objective, informative and engaging content.  

Current problem

Given how there are more blockchain projects out there than ever before, people are struggling to decide which projects to invest in and support, and this has resulted in millions being spent on marketing. Even so, many projects are still struggling to convey their products and ambitions in a way which not only brings new people onboard, but which also educates and empowers their own existing communities.

What good is a project if people cannot fully understand what it is about and why it is a great project?

How we can help

Through our experience in building communities in the crypto space, we have come to find that our content creation has offered maximum effectiveness for a wide range of target audiences. Whether you are looking to raise awareness, convey your project in a digestible and engaging manner, or empower your own community, CryptoMurmur can offer a helping hand.

If you would like to learn more about what we do, please get in touch