Blockchain Industry Profiles: Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet is one to watch as she has worked her magic everywhere she goes. From Wall Street to her successful startup, she is certainly a positive force to be reckoned with on this new frontier. 


Thanks for dropping in on our Blockchain Industry Profiles series. We didn’t doubt you would come knocking again to brush up on the blockchain industry’s most fascinating and influential characters. For those new to the series, we are providing our readers with valuable information to impress fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Today we will be looking at the life so far of a woman nicknamed as the Madonna of Blockchain. More formally known as Amber Baldet, this entrepreneur is writing her name in the industry’s history books. CoinDesk even named her as the ninth most influential person working in blockchain technology and Fortune Magazine recognised her financial success in their 40 Under 40 feature. Have we got you on the hook? Reel in more knowledge right here.


Her Earlier Career

So, how did this self-confessed glitter-loving, whiskey-admiring, and global-domination ambitious figure make it to the top? To answer that question, we must first take a look at her earlier years.


Amber held an important position with JPMorgan Chase previously. For our readers outside the US and not in tune with banking institutions, JP Morgan Chase is the biggest bank in North America and owned by one of the largest financial operations in the world.


During her time mixing with the Wall Street suits, she did something that proved to be of great business benefit. She sat the code developers in their hoodies down with the bankers. Together, she orchestrated a team to build what is now widely known as Quorum. This was a development that allowed regulators to investigate financial happenings without compromising on privacy. After making revolutionary strides with JP Morgan Chase, she left to become a lone wolf and create something even more special.



No, a cat didn’t just run across our writer’s keyboard – her startup is in fact called Clovyr. The business is founded by Amber Baldet along with hoodie-sporting Patrick Mylund Nielsen. The pair previously put their heads together on the Quorum project so the two are perfectly matched to make earthquake-like developments in the industry. One of the key functions of Clovyr is to make application development more seamless for developers and businesses by using the blockchain. With it, she also plans to help bridge the pending intersection between physical currencies and digital ones. Clovyr itself looks a bit like an app store and has ambitious plans to cater for a potentially huge audience one day. 


Non-Profit Contributions

Along with these successful blockchain adventures, Baldet has also been made a board member of Zcash. The Zcash Foundation is all about enhancing financial privacy without compromising on the founding pillars of openness within cryptocurrency. A philosophy she acted out in the Quorum task.


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