Blockchain Industry Profiles: Arianna Simpson

Arianna Simpson

Welcome to our Blockchain Industry Profiles series that looks at the lives of the industry’s influencers. So, who have we got lined up for you today? In today’s post, we will be illustrating the life of a polylingual crypto investor, a confident skier, motorcycle rider, and major cryptocurrency fanatic. Her name is Arianna Simpson.


Italian Schooling and US College

Arianna Simpson attended the American school of Milan as she grew up in Italy. After graduating from high school, she then went to university in the US. At Pennsylvania State University she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Politics and Spanish. During her college days, she was also involved in editorial work and co-founded the Penn State Journal of International Affairs.


Crypto Work

Arianna Simpson is another individual that got into the industry out of her interest and passion for cryptocurrency rather than the prospect of a quick buck. Her interest in crypto, and in particular bitcoin, begun in 2013. After investing in the digital currency, she quickly immersed herself in the industry with a variety of ventures and has now invested in over 40 early stage crypto startups. 


She began working for BitGo as an Accountant Specialist where she and the team helped provide an industry leading multi-sig wallet and payment processor. She remains part of the setup at commonwealth Crypto working as a cryptocurrency advisor, while also occupying the Managing Director role at Autonomous Partners.


So, Who Are Autonomous Partners?

Autonomous Partners is a venture capital and cryptocurrency hedge fund that focuses on investing in digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain-orientated companies. The fund primarily invests in monetary use and infrastructure while also emphasizing scalability, security, and protocols that enhance or ensure privacy. 


Simpson In A Nutshell

Arianne Simpson is at the start of a long and fruitful blockchain journey with Autonomous Partners. Her enthusiasm for everything cryptocurrency really shines through. When she is not looking for the most innovative and game-changing crypto investments, she is waving her crypto flag at tech events and conferences or scribbling away on a crypto-related article. Alongside her significant contributions in the industry, she also champions fertility care for working professionals.


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