Blockchain Industry Profiles: Perianne Boring

Perianne Boring

Perianne Boring is the founder and president of an organisation which is positively changing the landscape of the cryptocurrency industry.


With outreach to over 20,000 Twitter followers, a place among “The Top 50 women in Tech,” and leading her own organization that is shaking up the cryptocurrency industry, Perianne Boring’s achievements are anything but semantically close to her name. That isn’t even mentioning her teaching position as a professor at a highly-ranked US university. Read on to discover this blockchain advocate and influencer’s story so far.


A Snapshot of Her Resume

Perianne Boring was educated at the University of Florida and left with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. She then went on to occupy a number of high-profile positions. She had a two-year stint between 2011 and 2013 in the United States House of Representatives working as a legislation analyst.


She also worked as an anchor and host on an American television show called Prime interest. This show was screened in over 100 countries and had more than 650 million accumulative viewers. In 2014, she founded and remains president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce – a topic we will return to shortly. More recently, she has taken up employment at Georgetown University as a professor teaching students about blockchain and FinTech.


The Chamber of Digital Commerce

Boring is primarily known for founding the Chamber of Digital Commerce in 2014. This is a certified non-profit organisation which has the core goal of promoting the use of bitcoin, blockchain technology, digital assets, and digital currencies.


This group works through many initiatives. Some examples include the Global Blockchain Forum, Blockchain Alliance, Token Alliance, and the Digital Assets Accounting Consortium. Although their setup is split into different working groups with specific individualised aims, the umbrella goal of all these initiatives and groups is to positively influence public policies in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain. 


The companies with membership to the Chamber of Digital Commerce covers many industries. From startups to the market’s big players such as Microsoft, they have a diverse group of members at all levels. By recruiting a wide range of businesses to their vision, the organisation aims to influence policy development on a global scale.


Other Accomplishments and Summary

Aside from Boring’s contribution to promoting cryptocurrency and influencing policy, she has many more achievements to her name. She works as a speaker at some save-the-date blockchain events and appears on various media platforms to promote and discuss her organisation’s regulatory and promoting objectives. Standout performances from Boring include appearances at the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum and at The Economist’s Finance Disrupted event. Overall, Perianne Boring is an asset to the advocation of the cryptocurrency industry.


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