Blockchain Industry Profiles: Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf

Brian Behlendorf is the champion of open source coding and currently using the blockchain for the benefit of businesses in his role at the Hyperledger project.


Welcome to another post in our series looking at the celebrities of the blockchain industry. These mini-biographies are intended as a way to quench your thirst for information on the individuals influencing all things blockchain. We’ve covered lots of interesting figures so far and we don’t intend on stopping.


Today’s peek behind the blockchain curtains will take us back to American soil for a look into the life of Brian Behlendorf. A man that was previously named in a list of the world’s most influential innovators by MIT over 15 years ago, and more recently by the New York Times. Unlike some of the young guns in our series, Brian has a few more years and lots more experience under his belt – so there’s even more to learn about when it comes to Brian Behlendorf!


The Younger Years

Behlendorf may have grown up in California, but instead of working on his tan and riding the waves, he was conjuring up a technological empire. At the beginning of the 90s, he was intrigued by how the internet was developing and enrolled into the University of California. Not only did he use his talents to target business needs, such as producing a way to distribute mass emails. He was also applying his trade to the music scene. He founded an online resource packed with electronic music and was one of the first technologists to work at the Burning Man festival.


Brian Behlendorf’s Career Landmarks

Behlendorf has been involved in a lot of technology’s biggest moments and his career landmarks are evidence of that. He co-founded the first business which made commercial websites and started HotWired, a media-related project for Wired Magazine. It was on this project that Behlendorf discovered a flaw in web server software and improved it, or “patched” it, with open source coding.


He then went on to lead the line for open source coding in the following years, which is apt for his current involvement working in the blockchain industry. Other impressive feats include work at the Apache Software Foundation and CTO roles at CollabNet and the World Economic Forum.


The Hyperledger Project

The New York Times has gone on record to highlight Brian Behlendorf’s contribution to blockchain advancement due to his involvement in the Hyperledger project. In fact, they have named him among the top ten current blockchain innovators. Behlendorf currently occupies the Executive Director role on this project which is backed by the Linux Foundation.


But what is the purpose of the Hyperledger project? The project has the aim of providing a solution for cross-industry issues by using the blockchain. The bottom line is that the project will make real-world business problems go away and provide seamless efficiency. Something we can all get on board with!


Fancy Another Serving?

If the achievements of Behlendorf have left you wanting to know even more about the people reshaping the technology and uses of the blockchain, you’re in luck! Our series is packed with the best of the best. Will we be writing about you one day?

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