Blockchain Industry Profiles: Charles Gonzales

Charles Gonzales

We’re back again featuring another exciting blockchain innovator. For those that are tuning in to our Blockchain Industry Profiles series for the first time, our aim in these posts is to provide a mini-biography on the masterminds of the industry’s projects and developments. And who knows, we may just help you stop finishing bottom at the weekly quiz! 


Hailing from the warm shores of Mexico, Charles Gonzales is quickly growing a reputation as a young blockchain brainiac with an already impressive roster of projects under his belt and now his own blockchain company. Let’s find out more about his fascinating journey and the steps he has taken to become an industry innovator.


Gonzales’s Educational Background

Charles Gonzales didn’t exactly start his educational journey geared up for a career in the blockchain (like many other entrepreneurs I’m sure!). As a young man, he attended high school at Universidad Anáhuac Mexico Sur learning about construction management. However, computer science was also on his radar during the time and it didn’t take him long to dive into this exciting world. 


After high school, Gonzales attended Tavares Technical School to study computer technology and cybersecurity fundamentals. More recently in 2017, Gonzales graduated from Itnove where he focussed on becoming a scrum master with an emphasis on agile ops. Huddle in and take note young blockchain enthusiasts; the combination of computing skills and business acumen is a common theme between the blockchain industry’s trailblazers.


Earlier Blockchain Career

Charles Gonzales has already held a number of positions inside and outside the world of the blockchain. After his days as a freelancer, he worked as a cryptocurrency day trader in Mexico and started to develop his skills and intuition in this volatile market. During this period he grew more ‘crypto savvy’ with a knack for detecting potential scams and researching trends in the market. 


Following this was an exciting position working as a Technical Support Manager for the well known Komodo platform where he helped the team deliver value to its customers and stakeholders for almost 2 years. He then went on to warm up the Executive Director seat at LABFin to advocate and promote blockchain technology within Latin America. Charles shared with the Cryptomurmur team that he is particularly excited about this new frontier and that due to the lack of fintech adoption in Latin America currently, blockchain and fintech could become intertwined faster than in other parts of the world. 



In the middle of 2018, Charles Gonzales then became the CEO of ChainZilla. The outfit’s goal is to help businesses use the power of the blockchain to deliver greater value to their customers using a range of bespoke services and products. The Chameleon mobile wallet showcased on their twitter feed is an example of this type of innovation and we look forward to seeing how the underrepresented Latin American Market can benefit from these types of products in the future. 


Final Thoughts

Gonzales says he finds himself fortunate to have become involved in the ongoing blockchain revolution and we think the blockchain industry is fortunate for having him and his talents on our side. More and more talent is entering this industry despite the bear market which in turn, is encouraging others to join. We hope this is just the beggining of the talent exodus into crypto and blockchain! 


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