Blockchain Industry Profiles: Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon is an investor in blockchain technologies, plays a significant part at Coinbase, and is a strong advocate for the growing crypto community.


We meet again! Welcome to another post looking at the lives and achievements of the blockchain industry’s leaders. If you’re new to our series, we should catch you up. Here is a space for any blockchain supporter to top up their knowledge of the industry’s doers and thinkers – and these entrepreneurs’ latest projects. It’s also a place for business-minded and tech-savvy types to gather inspiration for their own blockchain journey. So, shall we start the engine?


Unlike many of the individuals that get featured here on CryptoMurmur, the man we are featuring today does not have a substantial educational background in technology. He is one of the guys that sits on the business side of the blockchain and has developed some technology skills along the way. His name is Chris Dixon – let’s find out all about his contributions to the blockchain world.


Education and Background

You are more likely to meet Chris Dixon in a café or restaurant at a business meeting than find him huddled over the dim light of a laptop coding. As mentioned, Chris Dixon is rarely involved in the technological side of blockchain advancements, but has his feet firmly planted in the business aspects of the industry’s expansion and development.


His educational background is evidence of this. Dixon attended Columbia University to obtain both a bachelor and master’s degree. In both degrees, he majored in philosophy. That may surprise a few people who already have a sniff of his exceptional business acumen. However, he did receive an MBA from the renowned Harvard Business School as well.


This hasn’t stopped his business ventures focusing on the technology industry. He was one of the brains behind the creation of Hunch and SiteAdvisor. He had other stints at Bessemer Venture Partners and even held a programming position at a hedge fund outfit called Arbitrade. Not to ignore his investments in successes such as Uber, Hotel Tonight and BuzzFeed.


So, Where Does the Blockchain Come In?

Chris Dixon is involved in the blockchain as an investor for Andressen Horowitz. This venture capital business continually backs blockchain-related companies and helps them succeed.


But that isn’t Dixon’s only involvement in the building sites of the blockchain world. He also has a name tag around the table at Coinbase. For crypto newbies, Coinbase is a digital currency exchange in operation across the globe and one of the most successful platforms of its kind. That success is to some degree thanks to Chris Dixon.


Dixon is also a strong advocate for the blockchain and its potential to change the economic landscape for the better. He has frequently gone public on his positive thought on the technology and encouraged its adoption to the right businesses.


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