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Coinlib is a new platform that provides live and historic cryptocurrency prices, portfolio, alerts, news, charts and detailed coin data. It´s certainly not the first of its kind, with more than 200 different crypto portfolio tracker apps available on the Appstore alone- but it has all the main features you would expect of a cryptocurrency tracking site as well as providing some additional features that make it a well-rounded platform.


Its principal feature, which is accessible to everyone, is the display of real-time prices of all the major cryptocurrencies. Prices are calculated using  an average algorithm that takes into account volumes from each exchange. However, once you sign up to the website, CoinLib invites you to create a portfolio through which you can follow your cryptocurrencies or any other coins or tokens you are interested in. Users can follow and keep track of certain coins by using the “star” symbol, set up alerts, and vote on coins.


One of the main tabs is dedicated to news, a fundamental section for any cryptocurrency tracking site, given the role and influence of news and social media upon the market. This section provides verified industry news, interviews, articles and information from a wide range of multimedia sources.


Keeping on top of the most relevant external news is just as important as the daily updates and summary of the internal money flow. The daily money flow charts on each of their coin pages allow users to see the money flow of the last 24 hours, while the historical snapshot feature is where you would go to see how a coin´s rank has changed over time.


Some of the newest features of CoinLib include handy little quirks and widgets such as a shareable portfolio and a Dark Theme for night mode, alongside useful tools such as its Best Price Explorer which helps you find the best prices for your selected trading pair using  the money flow from the previous 24 hours. The new tracking site has listed several features that they plan to roll out over the next few months, including a public API and a portfolio export to CSV/Excel.


There are a plethora of sites that claim to be best at keeping you up-to-date with the cryptomarket- each offering a wide range of tools and features that allow investors to keep track of their portfolio´s performace, get price updates in realtime, and stay up to date with the latest news and market rumblings. However, very few are able to combine the many features with an accessible and aesthetically pleasing interface. CoinLib does rather well in that aspect, creating a smooth design with user friendly features and good well-rounded content.

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