CoinSpectator Review

Anyone invested in the crypto-world understands that the markets are driven by a balance of technical and fundamental indicators- but also highly influenced by social media, news publications and inevitably- rumours.


In order to keep up with the dynamic world of the blockchain and crypto, cryptocurrency aggregators such as CoinSpectator emerged.


CoinSpectator is a free cryptocurrency news aggregator that allows you to monitor the crypto-industry´s latest news in real-time. This 24/7 cryptocurrency aggregator allows traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts to keep up with the fast-paced nature of this market- providing you with the tools you need to quickly and effectively act on this information.


This tool aggregates news from cryptocurrency news publications, Blockchain websites, ICO projects, Reddit, social platforms and forums.


On the home site you will see a live news feed tool that provides headlines with the source and the exact time published (which can come in handy in the volatile and ever-changing crypto market). Articles can also be ranked by the consumer, which ensures a certain amount of reliability and helps you find the best-quality articles. Another useful feature is the filter which allows you to view information from the influencers, news platforms, blogs etc that you choose to follow.


One of the useful little additions that CoinSpectator has alongside its live news feed, is its section on ICO´s. Given the exciting nature of ICO´s, keeping track of the various ICO´s that are being planned and launched, is a difficult affair. Instead of having to hunt for various resources that list them, CoinSpectator offers you a whole host of information, resources and links to whitepapers and external websites.


Alongside its live news feed and handy ICO information section, CoinSpectator also hosts its own blog. This is the result of over six years (they went live in 2013) of experience – having initially started out as an independent news publishing blog which covered the cryptocurrency industry. Their blog provides an interesting addition to the other features.


So, to summarise. If you´re looking for a real-time news aggregator to help you keep up with the exploding world of crypto, then CoinSpectator is certainly one to consider- not just for its reputation as one of the top industry news aggregates- but for its genuinely useful tools and features.

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