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If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure many of our readers at CryptoMurmur are), you’re often craving the latest crypto news and find yourself browsing multiple feeds and websites for the most recent updates. It can be a bit of a strange and scattered routine, flipping from Twitter to Google to Facebook to Instagram and on to your favorite browser to scope out the news, and then continuing from there to your portfolio to see the latest price movements.


Crypto Crunch App is a handy news aggregator that organizes all of this information for you so you don’t need to search around aimlessly. Instead, you can simply log in to your account and read up on all the latest articles directly from the app, or instead via your preferred web browser. Personally, I use my mobile a lot and find the mobile experience is optimized via the app, with responsive scrolling, a fast and stable interface, and articles that are updated in real-time so you’re always caught up with the latest news.


In the Crypto Crunch App, you can quickly flip through each news story, which is constantly updated with the latest stories, so you don’t need to browse from one app to another to stay in the loop. From there, you can either skim the main information on the story within the app or instead click through to the article’s home website for the complete run-down. The app also offers a handy “share” function for times you want to post a great article in social media or when you want to message someone with an important bit of news.


In addition, the app offers real-time market prices, updated 24/7 and converted to whichever global fiat currency you prefer. This can be quite handy for checking the latest market conditions and includes updates on market movements in the one-hour, 24-hour and 7-day categories for a long list of current crypto offerings. You can also use the convenient search function to focus on a particular currency that you are following and learn more about its market cap, trading volume, and circulating supply, among other helpful tidbits of info.


It’s a lot more convenient and accessible, especially on mobile, than my old way of browsing around through a mess of varied sources. Check out Crypto Crunch App today on Android, iOS, or on your favorite browser at


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