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As an investor you want to make sure that any strategic move you make is backed by careful planning and reliable information. With huge gains and huge losses to be made, keeping on top of the latest news and trends is crucial to the health of your crypto wallet. If you´re new to cryptocurrency, in fact, especially if you´re new to crypto and the blockchain, news aggregator websites will present you with up-to-date news to help you make the correct investment.


There are now several cryptocurrency and blockchain news aggregator websites which take on the function of organizing and compiling all the information from around the web- so you don´t have to. One of the most reliable and well-reputed apps is Crypto Crunch.


Crypto Crunch is a platform that brings together thousands of news sources in an up to date manner straight to your phone. The Crypto Crunch app allows you to browse news stories which are updated as a constant stream, and either read the main block of information or go to the original article for an in-depth read. This app has the benefit of being highly accessible, with a functional mobile interface that will keep you well-informed when you are out and about. You can choose to read articles straight from the app, or via a web browser- with the mobile experience including easy swipe navigation and a stable interface. An interesting feature is the “share” function which allows you to engage with the app and either post an article or share it as a private message.


As well as being one of the most trusted apps, Crypto Crunch stands out from its competitors by keeping you informed and up-to-date with features such as Bitcoin news, trends, latest ICO news and updates, as well as real-time market prices which is converted to the global fiat currency of your choice. The latter feature is useful when you are following a particular currency and want to narrow your field of research to articles and information about this coin.


With so much fake news going around, apps such as Crypto Crunch stand to lose a lot if they repost false or shady news articles or speculation. With that in mind, Crypto Crunch claims to only post authenticated sources and crypto news. Reassuring when you are basing critical moves on the information they provide.


Overall, Crypto Crunch is an excellent news aggregate app, that makes tracking virtual currency easy. Its handy mobile app keeps you updated on-the-go, and its easy to use interface makes this particularly accessible for those new to cryptocurrency.


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