Blockchain Industry Profiles: Daniel Larimer

Daniel Larimer

Thanks for joining us again to feature another remarkable individual working in the blockchain industry. In the Blockchain Industry Profiles series, we strive to only bring you the most fascinating and significant characters. Learning about the people behind the industry’s popstar names is a fantastic way to unpick connections between projects and have an all-around better understanding of how things work. So, there’s no time like the present…


If you read our mysterious post taking a look at the unknown identity of arguably the industry’s biggest name, Satoshi Nakamoto, then you will like today’s profile. The man we will be investigating here has actually had communication with the Banksy of cryptocurrency himself. Although, unfortunately not in a way to reveal his true identity. The man of the moment in today’s post is the one and only, Daniel Larimer.


In the Beginning

Daniel Larimer was probably born with the blockchain in his genes. He is the son of Stan Larimer – a man who worked at Boeing and with them co-founded Cryptonomex Inc. This was a consulting business based on the blockchain technology available at the time.


Like his father, he had a strong interest in technology and graduated from a Virginia university in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Failure followed soon after when his virtual reality business didn’t take flight. His entrepreneurial flame burnt out slightly as he then chose to work at companies in robotics, automation, and weaponry.


In the Middle

After time spent in the technological industry, Larimer decided to return to founding his own company again. This was due to his exposure and fascination in blockchains in 2009.


His talents and brilliance enabled him to develop a technology called Graphene. This technology would be used to start his first two blockchain ventures. The first of these was BitShares in 2013, but at that time was named ProtoShares. Today, BitShares is known to be one of the successful digital exchanges around.


Following BitShares was the founding of Steemit. This is a social networking platform which innovatively rewards its users using blockchain technology. In the recent past, Larimer took on the role of CTO at Steemit but has since ceased that responsibility to concentrate on future projects.


In the “End”

The end of Larimer’s story so far has seen him developing a blockchain protocol known as EOS.IS. The work he has contributed to the blockchain community is nothing short of exceptional. His narrative and contributions appear to show no near end. We fully expect Larimer to continue his successful path in the industry.


It’s Not the End For You Either!

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