DigiByte, a favourite among CryptoMurmur followers, recently shared the exciting news of joining the Extauri exchange as its first listing partner, a regulated exchange that “combines the advantages of the blockchain technology with the wide range of strictly monitored products and services offered by the banking system” (source).


Offering direct fiat to crypto purchases of DigiByte, Extauri will allow much broader access to the DigiByte currency, lowering the barrier to entry for prospective users. More often, traders interested in holding or using DigiByte have been required to first purchase Bitcoin or a few other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin, then trading on exchanges afterwards, incurring additional costs in order to acquire DigiByte. This offering makes buying DigiByte a much easier and cheaper process for European buyers.


Extauri stands out as a trustworthy exchange technology with high standards of legal compliance and accountability. As Europe’s first fully compliant and licenced crypto exchange, “Extauri adheres to the standards of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU), and therefore complies with the world’s strictest licensing-related guidelines. As a result, these strong regulations offer optimal protection against fraud by users and operators of the exchange, as well as undoubtedly legal certainty” (source).


Of particular importance, Extauri’s exchange technology allows users to retain control of their private keys, further protecting users from the usual vulnerabilities of trading assets on exchanges. Paired with the trustless and permissionless nature of one of blockchain’s most decentralized and secure currencies, DigiByte, this new exchange offers generational improvements to the crypto exchange experience.


Extauri will be launching its exchange platform in early 2019 with DigiByte as a fiat-to-crypto entry point. The platform is selling its ERC20 tokens in Q4 2018 this year under the TAURI ticker.





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