Blockchain Industry Profiles: Erik Voorhees

Eric Voorhees

Eric Voorhees has played an influential role in founding and steering many bitcoin-orientated startups into success.


Next up in our series of who’s who in the blockchain world brings us to bitcoin innovator, Eric Voorhees. Most serious blockchain enthusiasts will be familiar with the work and status of Mr. Voorhees, but the name may leave some cryptocurrency newbies staring at their screen with a blank face. If that sounds like, or looks like you, then do not worry. We have put together a profile of his career to give you a crash course in his early years and current achievements.


Background and The Eric Voorhees Philosophy

Eric Voorhees grew up in Colorado and attended Vail Mountain School before graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2007. Although an American citizen, Voorhees participated in the Free State Project (FSP) and spent many years abroad. He lived in many places during his participation in this movement, including Panama and Dubai.


Taking a look at Eric Voorhees’ beliefs on the monetary system makes it easy to see why he is a pivotal figure in the cryptocurrency world. He has publicly expressed concern regarding the system. Voorhees would rather that the state and money would not be merged together. This is the same reason why all of his finances are kept in cryptocurrency.


Past Career Landmarks

Eric Voorhees is a startup founder by nature and has had his hand in the creation of multiple cryptocurrency outfits. He has helped found and lead the likes of bitcoin exchange Bitlnstant, and Coinapult, a company established to help transfer bitcoin through text messaging and emails. This sort of innovation is explored in many of his ventures with one example being plans to launch a debit card powered by bitcoin. He also played a pivotal role in the success of a bitcoin gambling site called Satoshi Dice, which was then sold in 2013.


He doesn’t stay in the shadows of the industry when going about his business. He has appeared on multiple blockchain-related platforms discussing and debating the hot cryptocurrency topics and speculating on where things are heading. You can catch up with him on various bitcoin podcasts, online interviews, and may even recognise him from the celebrated cryptocurrency documentary, Banking on Bitcoin.


Current Work

Eric Voorhees is still very much active in the blockchain boom and remains at the helm of his successful startups. He continues to hold an important role at Coinapult despite stepping down from his position as CEO. Much of his work now revolves around his Swiss-based company, ShapeShift. He remains in place as CEO of this global-trading platform.


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