• Today we are talking to Javier Sim who is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bithumb Global.

  • Bithumb is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Korea, and is also a global and comprehensive financial platform company which focuses on digital financial innovation based on virtual assets, blockchain, and FinTech.

  • Bithumb Global is the global arm of Bithumb Korea, and is designed facilitate every global user to trade, participate, or contribute to the digital assets ecosystem. 


We’d like to kick things off by asking you a couple of questions regarding your formative years.

1) Firstly, can you tell us the things which interested you the most throughout your childhood and teenage years, and what brought you the most happiness?


Ever since I was young, sciences, mathematics and computers are always my interests and they have been my genes which like to build things and solve problem. I ended up studying quantitative finance and enjoy the fit of my interests leading my life. 



2) Who were your biggest influences growing up, and why did they have such a profound effect on you?


I would say the biggest influencers of my life are my parents. They provide me enough freedom to let me choose whatever I want to do and always respect my decision. This makes me have no regret and I always have to face my own decision and never not to let myself and them down. 


3) Teenage years are often a turbulent time for many, so on this note, can you name a time which was tough for you, and how you managed to overcome it?


It was difficult for me to speak Cantonese in Hong Kong when I had been here for the first year, and eventually hard times were over and my new life started. I can’t understand the city and its culture. However I am always good at facing challenges and I somehow didn’t really spend time but I decide just to receptive to the change and socialize with everyone around me. Crypto industry is somehow the same which we always have to adapt to changes within very short time. 



4) If there was some advice you could give young aspiring individuals, advice which you would really have liked to have heard yourself as a young person, what would it be?


Do not regret over your choices, make up your mind and try your best to work till the result. Be a risk taker and step out of your comfort zones. A life with plunges and bottom would create a wonderful life. Never be normal and be the one who create impact to the world. 


We are now going to ask you some questions which will hopefully give our readers something to go on regarding you as a person.

5) Firstly, what are the particular strengths that you feel have made you successful in your field (don’t hold back)?


I would say analytical skills have brought me this far. My experience in bank facing traditional commodity trading allows me to analyse and understand the every detail of current situation. With skills and knowledge are able to fill in the gaps of market and create the market together with all the players. 



6) What would you say is your most controversial opinion as regards to blockchain or the crypto space?


I think there should be more transparency in this industry and people should only speak the truth and not to just giving false information in order to mislead people.  


This is an era of information flooding. Everyone has the opportunity to disseminate and publish information. How to extract the most important information and achieve authenticity in the crypto space are the key topics now. As part of industry pioneer, we need to provide mutual information and education.



7) In the course of your day you can become under the most ridiculous pressures and stresses, what is your particular way of dealing with this?


I don’t believe in stress but I believe it’s an uncertain scenario that caused the feeling and I would need to sit down and figure out the solution in order to resolve it. 


8) Outside of crypto/blockchain, what is your favorite thing to do?


Travel, it exposes myself to the different cultures and let me understand others’ view and culture. 



We are now going to ask you some creative and humorous questions, and we are sure people will love to see you what you can come up with.

9) What is the most humorous thing you have seen or experienced during your time in the crypto/blockchain space?


Without a doubt, John McAfee takes the cake on this one. The bitcoin prediction whereby if not reached, would eat a whole lot more than he bargained for. I think this teaches everyone about key industry people and following advice.



10) If you somehow managed to meet Satoshi Nakamoto (that is he is a male person in this scenario) on his deathbed, but only had time to ask him one question, what would it be? Bear in mind that you don’t have much time at all, so make it a good one.


I wonder if how he had imagined the world order today 10 years ago.


11) Can you give three policies you'd enact if you became the president of a country tomorrow?


Reform monetary policy, fiscal policy and stop pledging our next generation’s spending power.



Communities are often an important backbone for many crypto/blockchain projects, so we’d now like to get some personal thoughts on the community side of things.

12) Personal project aside, what are some ‘communities’ in the space that you admire and why (this is not an endorsement)?


I admire those localised communities because local communities always educate each other and speak the truth to share the healthy thoughts of the space. It's one of the most important things in crypto space. Without it, scams would run rampant so the more active local participants are the better. 



13) What social-media platform do you like most and why, and are there any improvements which you feel can be made to these platforms for an even better community user-experience?


Local WhatsApp communities where people are all using their real identity to speak. Real identity platforms act like a filter for all, there is a place for anonymity however pertaining to how and what I do, those people/platforms are just not where I spend most of my time. 


14) With the endgame being mainstream adoption, do you think crypto/blockchain communities will still have an important role to play in a post-adoption environment?


I believe with time, we will see greater adoption. It's become so evident, more so in recent times, the importance of a community. There is no trained school of thought on how to build a community, so it rests in the message and it's clarity. I define a  community as true leverage, whether it's in brand or in thought principles. We absolutely need our power in numbers to steer the crypto train and help others to understand. 



In our penultimate section we are going to ask you a question regarding Bithumb Global.

15) What do you feel sets Bithumb Global apart from your competitors (that is if you have any)?


Being one the earlier players in the space, we always ensure that client experience is our top priority. We didn’t want our clients to be so speculative, and eventually we only release products which users fully understand the specifications. 


In addition to users, Bithumb Global will support superior projects. With our platform, they can easier promote the application and development of blockchain technology to truly empower the whole ecosystem. 


Well that just about does it, but before we end this interview we’d like to ask you for something which we believe will say a lot about your belief in the industry, and which may inspire those who are reading. 

16) Can you come up with a short argument for our readers on why you feel cryptocurrency and blockchain (or just one) has a bright future?


I believe that digital assets will be the future form of assets which store value, and the current form of crypto asset trading will be the future form of trading. As times goes on people could not satisfy with the current very inefficient trading experience with their assets.


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