John McAfee rocks the boat with his presidential campaign

John Mcafee exile

The plucky entrepreneur’s latest endeavor not only has him running for the 2020 presidency but doing it in exile from international waters. 


Never one to mince his words or censor his tweets, John McAfee has repeatedly stated that “taxation is illegal” and claims not to have paid taxes for the past 8 years. The former security software mogul is a prominent figure in the blockchain industry and has loudly prophesized the decentralization of the economy – predicting banks will disappear and that cryptocurrency will provide economic freedom to the individual. 


Taking his decentralized lifestyle a step further than most, McAfee lives on a boat, or rather a yacht, called Freedom Boat; keeping his location as secret as possible and living as an exile in international waters. He is currently being indicted by the Federal government for not paying his federal income taxes, having paid tens of millions of pounds in taxes previously, and “received jack shit in services” (his words not ours!). 


Whilst McAfee seems confident, it appears that he has taken recent precautions to fight extradition from the Bahamas should the Feds come knocking.


Part of his key mission in running for the presidency is to harness the exposure to educate the masses on the value and empowerment that blockchains and cryptocurrencies can provide. 


“In the end, governments will have to accept that we as people, have the right to control our own finances, without interference, and without permission.” (Source)


Despite unsuccessfully running in 2016 with the Libertarian party, McAfee is running again; and this time he says that he plans to win. After all, McAfee’s platform has only grown since the last election and he now boasts almost 900,000 twitter followers with widespread influence over the rapidly growing industry. 

mcafee poll tweet


Here’s the schtick. McAfee doesn’t actually want to be president, and is publicly open about how he would do a terrible job in the White House. Apart from his anti-taxation stance and campaign to remove economic power from a centralized government, McAfee’s campaign appears to have no concrete policies required to run The United States. Despite this seemingly chaotic campaign, McAfee is making full use of his right to run and has taken drastic steps to make his 2020 bid a reality. 


As a cybersecurity veteran, it seems fitting that McAfee’s presidential campaign bases itself on promoting technology that could disrupt governments and financial institutions whilst providing a more secure and efficient form of money for the masses. He has long been an advocate of the power of the blockchain, using his reach as a heavy-hitting influencer, and creating ripples across the crypto-universe with tweets predicting the rise of various cryptocurrencies including the market-shaking tweet that saw a huge rise in value for the cryptocurrency Verge a couple of years ago.


Price action aside, McAfee is also keen to underline the importance of using these currencies for what they are intended for, ‘freeing ourselves from burdensome governments and a top-down power structure”, along with his firm belief that governments will have to change when distributed exchanges arrive. This might seem like an extreme stance but the internet and its offspring of ‘tech titans’ like Google and Facebook have come to harness tremendous power and change in a relatively short span of time. Blockchains could do the same. 


McAfee’s youtube video from 2016, outlining the concerns that led him to run for presidential candidacy, sees him openly talking about the dangers that he sees facing America, notably cybersecurity, in the typical gung-ho style that has come to characterize the content that he puts out to the world.


In his latest run for candidacy, McAfee plans to use mask-wearing “surrogates” in his place to attend debates, presentations, and key-notes, without having to reveal his location. If ever there was an influencer capable of making bold statements and going through with them, McAfee would be that person. 


Who knows… 2020 may be the year that John McAfee goes against all odds to become the United States of America’s first president in exile. 


For now, he’s sticking to his boat.

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