Blockchain Industry Profiles: Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz is a strong advocate and investor of cryptocurrency. Despite recent losses, he remains another excited supporter within our growing community.


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Next up in our series is someone a bit different from the usual mould we feature. The individual being discussed today isn’t someone who is responsible for developing the blockchain with computer wizardry or technical brilliance – but a man who is a strong advocate and investor in the founding principles of the blockchain.


Let us introduce you to Michael Novogratz – or “Novo”.


Cryptocurrency Advocacy

Michael “Novo” Novogratz may be paying cryptocurrency the biggest endorsement from all the suits on Wall Street. Not all superheroes wear capes and we are not sure anyone predicted Mr. Novogratz to be one of the heroes of the cryptocurrency world. Just a quick glance at his social media or a listen in to his interviews and you will notice a man who firmly believes in the movement of digital currency. In 2017, Novo revealed a significant portion – around 20 percent – of his net worth was held in cryptocurrency, namely, Bitcoin and Ethereum.


What Else Has He Done for Cryptocurrency?

Sending out a few tweets and going on record to advocate the cryptocurrency model is all well and good – but what has Novo done to pitch into the industry and make the industry blossom? Well, we are fairly sure he hasn’t been sat at his desk coding, but we do know he is becoming a cog in the crypto machine. He has taken the steps to launch a cryptocurrency merchant bank. The bank, which goes by the name of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., was started at an unfortunate time during Bitcoin’s historic plunge. Thus, losing the Wall Street giant more than 130-million US dollars. Nevertheless, this hasn’t deterred the cryptocurrency flag-waver.


Career Synopsis

So, what placed Michael Novogratz in a prime position to strongly advocate and invest in the cryptocurrency world? His career illustrates just why he is the right man to make an unorthodox charge for the blockchain community.


One of his early roles was working as a national guard which included piloting helicopters. He then made a switch to the infamous Golden Sachs, filling management roles in financial hotspots across the world. Next in a string of impressive positions was the one he is most known for. He took up employment with Fortress Investment Group as a hedge fund manager. The skills and experiences in these jobs have made him an excellent candidate to drive the cryptocurrency message and invest in the industry from an unexpected angle.


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