The Nouriel Phenomenon


Everyone and their mother has heard of Nouriel by this point. He’s trending all over the crypto scene right now. That’s a big thing. Of all the hype and excitement pieces that typically dominate the crypto-sphere, this guy has managed to take the spotlight. To top it off, he’s not even a proponent of Bitcoin or Blockchain technology.


So how did he do it?


— through a very clever marketing campaign consisting of trolling and gas-lighting crypto fanatics on the internet.


He poked and prodded the bear so much and so often that eventually it turned around and attempted a good old-fashioned mauling.


But even in the face of extreme adversity, he soldiers on with his faulty notions and false suppositions. If anything, the extreme and hostile tone adopted by most of his opponents seemed to power him up all the more.


In this opinion piece, I’m not going to delve into the many reasons why I think Nouriel is wrong. There are plenty of people better equipped than me already doing exactly that. I am, however, going to put forward the notion that, well, he might be faking it. He’s not actually as stupid as many think him to be. In fact, he might actually be a genius.


Popular crypto content producer and blockchain developer IvanOnTech has said that Nouriel is a growth hacker. I would have to agree. The rapid growth of his follower count has been explosive; so much so that I feel comfortable with calling it a phenomenon.  I don’t think Nouriel himself even believes half of the stuff he tweets about. I don’t believe an economics professor can have such a bad grasp on the fundamentals of a newly emerging financial tech set to shake up the global economy.


So instead of asking how he can believe these often ridiculous notions, maybe we should instead be asking why. Not why he believes it, but why is he posting it even though he doesn’t believe it? The answer could be as simple as him wanting to sell more copies of his book or any future books he decides to write. All press is good press, after all. All this exposure on Twitter is just free advertising for him.


Occam’s Razor suggests that the simplest answer is almost always the right one. But forgive me for a moment, if you will, whilst I indulge myself in an extreme theory and dust off my old tin foil hat.


What if he’s not alone?


I’m not talking about aliens or the dreaded Annunaki here. I mean, what if his blockchain-hate campaign is a concerted effort to negatively impact the blockchain space? If this is the case, which we can’t know for sure as of now, then who are these individuals and why are they orchestrating such an extensive and violent attack against crypto-currency?


The conspiracy theorist that still lays dormant in me would love to jump straight to theories of central bankers and elite banking cartels. They are the ones who seem to have the most to lose when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Their legacy is built through power centralization. Their power lays in the monopolies they hold over geopolitics and global economics.


So assuming that Nouriel isn’t as moronic as he is made out to be; we need to start asking ourselves if what he’s doing is purely for financial gain, or something more nefarious.


All that being said, he seems to have done a great job of uniting all of crypto-Twitter, even if inadvertently, in a fight for a common goal. That’s still quite an accomplishment. And considering how divided the space tends to be, it really is something quite special.

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