Blockchain Industry Profiles: Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto

Despite not knowing who Satoshi Nakamoto is, we know he, she, or they have created something that has changed the financial world.


Satoshi Nakamoto is the blockchain industry’s biggest enigma. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who enjoy a helping of Sherlock Holmes on a Sunday afternoon or detective show binges on Netflix, you will love the story of Satoshi Nakamoto. We don’t know a lot about him, her or them – but we do know that Satoshi Nakamoto has changed the monetary landscape of the entire planet.


The Creation of Bitcoin

Back in 2008, the economy suffered significantly and ended up collapsing to the devastation of working families across the globe. The loss of jobs and increased financial insecurity made it tough for many people. The corrupt culprits of the economic tumble remained unscathed and had to be “bailed out” by everyone else who were trying to rebuild their lives and savings.


Satoshi Nakamoto found inspiration within the tumultuous period to pave a solution against the corrupt system. The rich elite with greedy motivations were somewhat shut out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention for the benefit of everyone else. He, she or they created a global currency to eradicate the concentrated power from a small number of elite players and bankers. This global currency did not depend on wealthy businessmen, corporate central banks or similar higher powers. Instead, it could be consulted and contributed to by anyone with a computer and a Wi-Fi subscription.


It was now 2009 and Bitcoin was born!


Satoshi Nakamoto’s Greatest Achievements

The unparalleled achievement of Satoshi Nakamoto is the creation of Bitcoin and the blockchain database. This was done as a reaction to the economic instability of the time. He ingeniously created Bitcoin as an antidote to the poor-performing economic climate by removing power from a centralised system. The creation of bitcoin and its functioning has materialised into a global phenomenon. It remains dominant within cryptocurrency, partly due to also being the most trusted type of digital currency. The blockchain industry owes Satoshi Nakamoto a lot of praise, thanks and rounds of drinks. The creation of bitcoin has already had a monumental influence, yet, we still do not know the extent of his, her, or their creation.


But, Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

With one of the global masterminds of our generation remaining unidentified, it naturally draws in a lot of speculation, conspiracies, and guessing games. In reality, we still have no concrete evidence of the person, or people, behind the name. There are some claims that Nakamoto is a Japanese male, but perfect English and British colloquialisms also point to a possible British entrepreneur.


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