Crypto Spotlight: VeChain (part 3)

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The last part of our VeChain series gives you a closer look at their inner workings and most influential staff members.


The Crypto Spotlight series is a great chance for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, experts and beginners to learn about different projects. We aim to provide educational posts that are easy to follow and interesting. So, welcome blockchain community! Today we will be finishing our exploration of VeChain. If you have not read part one and part two in this series yet, we encourage you to do so. Alternatively, let’s get into it!


In part one we gave you an introduction to VeChain along with their aims and early implementations. Part two took us on a guided journey by their CMO from Cyprus to China, looking at their different partners and contemporary work. In the final post of this series, we will put a microscope over VeChain’s inner workings and setup.


The VeChain Crew

A quick wander around the VeChain locker room and you will notice they are equipped with an arsenal of useful and diverse skills. The personnel in their team certainly understand tech, but they also live and breathe an exceptional knowledge of the blockchain. The team is a fantastic mixture of individuals with various experiences outside technology as well. Some members of their crew have worked in regulations, security, project implementation, and business. This is no accident either. Noah Huo, VeChain’s CMO, is adamant that a successful group must be the full package by incorporating all the aforementioned needs.


VeChain’s Governance

VeChain runs an efficient ship. They have a steering committee put in place which ensures decisions are made swiftly without compromising on quality. The committee is divided into a number of held seats. VeChain occupy three seats, DNV GL has two positions at the table, and PricewaterhouseCoopers also take up a seat. There is also one other position in the committee. This is an independent seat filled by a governing body.


This setup is somewhat identical to the diverse staff in their ranks. VeChain is enabled to mediate between technological capabilities and business needs through this combination of technology-focused and business-orientated bodies.


Their Locations

VeChain has expanded significantly and as a result, has bases all over. Mainly set in the usual business and financial precincts, you will find a VeChain department located in Paris, Shanghai, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Singapore, and San Francisco. The last destination on our list is especially significant. By expanding into the United States, VeChain has an even bigger talent pool of resources and developers. This is also likely to stimulate further interest from American blockchain enthusiasts.


Stars of The Team

As mentioned, the entire team that VeChain has recruited boast some impressive resumes. However, there are still some individuals that stand out from the pack.


Sunny Lu is one of those. The founder and CEO of VeChain certainly stands out. From his early days tracking data at an IT company called Netstar, he showed exceptional promise. He then worked at a number of other similar jobs before crossing over to a more business-focused Louis Vuitton China. This role was to be the supporting act of VeChain. We say this because the role involved bridging the gap between technology and business for the benefit of the company. Sound familiar?


Other figures within the VeChain setup you should know about are Chief Operations Officer, Kevin Feng, and CFO, Jay Zhang. Kevin Feng previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in multiple countries and has a wealth of experience enhancing privacy, cybersecurity and merging technology. Leading the line for corporate social responsibility and acting out a chief marketing role is Noah Huo – another influential individual in their enterprise. His remarkable work is seen in VeChain’s campaigns such as Carbon Credits. Click back to part two for a refresher on Carbon Credits and similar VeChain initiatives.


Team Summary

It is the people behind VeChain that are making the magic happen. Such a unique team of talented hands with a diverse set of skills is putting them head and shoulders behind their competition. These individual cogs turning in the VeChain engine at the right moments are making it an unstoppable blockchain force. Or, as Noah Huo put it to us when we interviewed him: “the complete package”.


Series Acknowledgement

This leads us nicely to a special thank you that we would like to direct the way of Noah Huo. We are grateful for the time he spent with us during our interview. His insights were nothing short of fascinating and informative. Once again, thank you and from everyone at CryptoMurmur we wish you even more success with VeChain!


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