About Us


CryptoMurmur is a unique interview hub which looks into the ‘people’ who are pioneering crypto, blockchain and NFTs. 


Quite simply, we believe that getting to know the people pioneering this industry of tomorrow has immense value, and here are a few reasons why:


Knowing the type of qualities that pioneers have.


In a space which relies strongly upon community support, people often conduct their research by reading whitepapers, looking into logs or listening to third party reviews and takes.


However, we believe that the industry is still very opaque in terms of knowing what 'type' of people are supporting and pioneering this fascinating industry, and through our strategically constructed questions, we believe we will shine more light upon the characteristics and outlooks of these people; acting as another go-to resource for the space.


Identifying similarities and correlations between other leading individuals.


Another valuable aspect of our interviews is that they will allow readers to identify similarities and correlations within the answers of those interviewed. 


We believe this to be very useful as this can allow people to have their fingers on the pulse of the industry by identifying similar sentiments and outlooks, providing a good indicator into where these individuals think the industry is headed.


Inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and techies


Owing to some questions which delve into the formative years of those interviewed, we also believe that a lot of responses have the potential to both inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs and techies who want to have similar successes and experiences.


Quite simply, nothing inspires us more than seeing how successful entrepreneurs and techies overcame barriers and moulded their own pathways to where they are now!


Providing an enjoyable read


Last but not least, these interviews are highly digestible, engaging and at times humorous, so you can count on CryptoMurmur to provide you with an enjoyable read.


Concluding remarks


We thank you all for taking the time to read about us, and hope you will all enjoy reading our interviews as much we enjoy conducting them!


It is important to note that we shall never shill any individual or project, and have decided to keep CryptoMurmur running through the auctioning of 1/1 Musical NFTs to commemorate our most memorable interviews. 


Thank you for taking the time to read about us.


Yours faithfully,


CryptoMurmur Twins.

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