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Because CryptoMurmur is a non-partisan platform, we have decided to keep the project running through a patronage system.


The reason being is we strongly believe that receiving money to interview individuals, not only is a form of shilling, but also restricts other individuals who may not have a lot of money at their disposal from having a platform. We simply won’t charge for any interviews we conduct - not under any circumstance! 


We do however realise that in order to grow the project and turn it into a wonderful resource for the space, we will need some sort of ongoing revenue, and below is an avenue which we believe will allow us to continue operating in a way which adheres to our nonpartisan ethos:




We have decided to set up a patronage system where products or services which have tangible value have the opportunity to become patrons. Ultimately, patrons will be companies/individuals who really like what we are doing in terms of bringing more transparency to the industry through our insightful and engaging interviews. 


So if you are interested in becoming a patron, we'd love to hear from you!

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