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Because CryptoMurmur is a non-partisan platform, we have decided to keep the project running through a patronage and event-sponsorship system.


The reason being is we strongly believe that receiving money to interview individuals, not only is a form of shilling, but also restricts other individuals who may not have a lot of money at their disposal from having a platform. We simply won’t charge for any interviews we conduct - not under any circumstance! 


We do however realise that in order to grow the project and turn it into a wonderful resource for the space, we will need some sort of ongoing revenue, and below are two avenues which we believe will allow us to continue operating in a way which adheres to our nonpartisan ethos:




We have decided to set up a patronage system where projects/individuals from our 9 sections (platforms, wallets, exchanges etc) have the opportunity to become patrons of their respective sections for a term of no longer than 3 months per year.


We believe this approach will allow for multiple projects/individuals to partake in a form of blockchain CSR (corporate social responsibility), whereby their financial patronage will allow for us to delve into more people, whilst also helping us to grow our audience. Ultimately patrons will be projects/individuals who really like what we are doing in terms of bringing more transparency to the industry through our insightful and engaging interviews. 


Event sponsorship 


Another revenue avenue which will allow us to keep expanding our offerings is event sponsorship.


The reason why we are opening our platform to event sponsorship is because we see events as a forum for learning, networking and enjoyment, and believe our readers may not only be thankful for having them come to their attention, but because events are tangible and of a non-speculative nature.  


If you are interesting in becoming a patron or an event sponsor, we'd love to hear from you!

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