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Because CryptoMurmur is a non-partisan platform, we have decided to keep the project running free of charge, and without any ulterior motive. 


The reason being is we strongly believe that receiving money (or furthering ones own investment) to interview individuals, not only is a form of shilling, but also restricts other individuals who may not have a lot of money at their disposal from having a platform. We simply won’t charge for any interviews we conduct - not under any circumstance! 


We do however realise that in order to grow the project and turn it into a wonderful resource for the space, we will need support and proliferation from the community, and below is a simple way of doing this.


Follow us on Twitter and Telegram, and like our content 


Whilst this may seem trivial to some, following CryptoMurmur on both these platforms and liking our interviews (when available) really helps, and further exposes them to professionals and enthusiasts who will have otherwise been unaware.


All it takes is two seconds of your time, so any support in this regard is much appreciated!

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