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Here is where we'll be sharing our commemorative musical NFT artwork, and posting auction links and dates.


If you would like to be made aware of what platforms we'll be using for this auction, and the commencement date, then please keep and eye out on our Twitter, or sign up to our email list (top of page). 



We have decided to start our commemorative NFT journey with a five piece 1/1 musical NFT collection based upon our unique interview with Solana Co-Founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, and will be auctioning 4 of the 5 on our Holaplex store the week commencing 17/01/22.


The auction dates are as follows:


1) Anatoly Yakovenko - Growing up - 17/01/22


2) Anatoly Yakovenko - Controversial opinion - 21/01/22



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